Activate Free Facebook offer in Ncell

Right from today’s midnight Ncell has set facebook for free to both its Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. After collaborating with Social media giant Facebook, under their ‘Internet for all’ campaign.Organizing a function in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Ncell said that the offer allows its customers to use Facebook for free. Users can like, comment, post status, share different posts and upload their pictures for free.

The offer comes into effect from Wednesday and will remain valid for 90 days only.

How to Get/Activate Free Facebook in Ncell?

For Android:

  1. Turn on mobile data on your android
  2. Go to your official Facebook app
  3. Click on Free Mode.

For iPhone and other Mobile:

  1. dial *17114#.
  2. You will then receive an SMS with a link. Open the link and click free mode on your Facebook to start using for free.

However you will not get Facebook completely free. Though you not charged to upload photos, like and comment, standard charge will be applied to view other photos videos and to chat.

If you want to view photos and videos, you will have to go to data mode from the FREE mode. The customers can switch to paid version, which is just a click away, by pressing ‘see photos’ option which is seen in the top right corner of Facebook page while browsing. In data mode, your data pack will be consumed or you will be charged as per your tariff if you haven’t taken any data packs. Dial *123# and buy data pack and enjoy pictures and videos at the lowest rates. Don’t forget to disable your background data to prevent unwanted usage of data due to automatic updates, etc.

Questions are being raised isn’t this step of Ncell against net neutrality. Share your views under comment section below.


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