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Download Now – “MeroAnswer” android app for Entrance exam preparation of Engineering and MBBS

mero answer

Meroanswer is a web and mobile platform to help students prepare for entrance exam preparation. Questions cover all medical and engineering entrance tests in Nepal.


1) Subject wise and chapter wise preparation of examination
2) Model wise exam preparation: Students can practice model exams of IOM, MOE, IOE, KU, BPKIHS and Indian embassy entrance examination of Nepal.
3) Hints, explanations, mnemonics and tricks available to each questions.
4) Instant score and reporting for exam practice.
5) Progress Tracking and Progress reporting for each subjects and model exams is available.
6) Cool and distraction free exam practice in a environment similar to the live exam from anywhere at anytime.
7) Over 30% chapters in each subjects and single model exam are free.
8) Every model exams are based exactly on the syllabus of the board.
9) The database has over 10,000 questions in different subjects.

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