Exciting Mobile Apps in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most thriving place for web developers and IT lovers. The internet usage is increasing and hence the e-community. Young entrepreneurs and tech lovers make good use of this space and do great things for their country. Organizations and institutions alike are tapping on to this place and coming up with useful apps that help public at large and offer them opportunity to connect with each other and creatively engage with each other. Here is a compilation of some apps that are popular in Nepal owing to their indispensability.


A Snapchat colon, this app is becoming increasingly popular among the Nepalese. Just like Snapchat, it erases the history seconds after you share it with your friends. Just like snapchat, it fulfills the purpose of selfie, which is highly popular among the youngsters and adults alike. It’s a must-have app, whilst you’re in Nepal.

Earthquake Alert!

As the recent devastation by earthquakes has shown that Nepal is way too vulnerable to these calamities. Due to its geographical positions, some seismologists say that it is bound to be affected by such shockwaves. The real query is that how do you minimize the damages done by seismic activity. A timely warning always helps. If people leave indoors and gather somewhere in open space, things could be different altogether. Thanks goodness, there are couple of apps out there. So, if you own a smartphone, then these three apps are must; My Earthquake Alerts, Earthquake Directions and Earthquake.

Kaymu app

As the e-commerce community thrives and nourishes in Nepal, the online shopping communities are actively engaging with their people through mobile phones as well. One such example turns out to be of Kaymu. Kaymu being one of the premium online shopping place in Nepal, recently successively launched its iOS app. Where early on it had android and blackberry apps. If you’re a lover of online shopping then this comes handy as you can place your order even while you’re on the go.

Nepali Recipes

Foodie alert! If you’re a foodie and have keen sense about the indigenous Nepalese cuisine then, this app could be a changing pint in your life. This app contains the basic formulas of the local Nepalese recipes, using which you can enliven the Nepalese inside you.


And if you’re lazy enough to not to make food for yourself, nothing to worry about then as well. Because YellowNepal is especially made for people who love food but can’t figure out where to find it in Kathmandu. This app keeps you inform about the list of restaurants and the kind of food they serve.

What is quite evident from the popularity of these apps and many more as well, that just like rest of the world, Nepal too, is going all m-community.

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