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Check Driving Licence Print Status Online or SMS in Nepal

The Department of Transportation Management has issued a notice regarding the printing of a driver’s license for service recipients through SMS on their mobile phones. The department has requested information on whether the license has been printed or not, and has reintroduced the service to obtain this information.

In the notice, the department stated that from Wednesday, service recipients are required to update their mobile numbers while filling out an online form or going to the relevant office for renewal. The department also stated that information on whether the driver’s license has been printed or not can be obtained from their website.

Click here to Check Driving Licence Status

If, due to technical oother reasons, a smart card has not been printed for more than a year, the service recipient can contact the department to update their information, and the department will print their driver’s license as soon as possible, as well as provide assistance from their support desk.

The notice also stated that Nepali citizens going abroad for work or study, members of the Nepali army and police force who are going on a peacekeeping mission, and driver’s license registration for such personnel can be done through the department’s online registration system, and any inquiries can be made to their support desk on the second day if any issues arise.

Official Notice from DOTM

Overall, the department has encouraged the use of their online services and updated information to streamline the process of obtaining a driver’s license.

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