Ncell 4G cost and 4G data packages with General FAQ on Ncell 4G

Ncell 4G now available in Kathmandu valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. Coming to Pokhara on July 1 and other cities very soon.

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How do I experience the super power of Ncell 4G?

First of all, you need to have a 4G supported SIM card. Type Q and SMS to 324 to know if you have a 4G supported SIM card.If you have a 4G SIM card, you are one step ahead. If not, please visit your nearest Ncell Centre with the SIM owner’s citizenship and upgrade the SIM card for FREE.

What else do I need?
Once you have the 4G supported SIM, you now need a 4G supported handset. Check if your handset is 4G supported or not and the steps to setup 4G from here

What more?
With the 4G enabled SIM and handset you can now start experiencing Ncell 4G immediately in Kathmandu valley, Banepa, Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. It will be available in Pokhara from July 1 and other cities very soon.

Enjoy Ncell 4G today and get free music from Ncell using Yonder Music app for 30 days. Dial *324# for free to activate. Customers having 4G SIM, 4G handset and using internet with 4G on June 1 will get 1GB data valid for 3 days.


What all can I do with Ncell 4G?
  • Use internet to access rich content and multimedia applications such as movies, HD videos and content, E-learning, and more.
  • Upload and download at higher speeds.
  • Seamless online streaming, high definition online gaming and seamless video chat.
  • Access business applications that require higher speeds and last mile connectivity.
Can I make call on Ncell 4G?
Yes, you can make calls. As soon as you initiate/receive call, there will be automatic network fallback from 4G to 3G/2G. Once the call is ended, your network should automatically latch on to 4G.
Do I need a new SIM or number for Ncell 4G?
You can use the same number either Prepaid or Postpaid but your SIM has to support 4G which is called USIM. If your SIM is not USIM, please visit nearest Ncell center and replace your SIM for free. Additionally, you will get 1 GB with 1 day validity for free.
How can I check whether my SIM is USIM or not?
You can check your SIM card. If it has new Ncell logo (Kite) then it is USIM that supports 4G or Type Q and SMS to 324 to know if you have a 4G supported SIM card.If you have a 4G SIM card
How to check whether my handset supports 4G or not?
You can check it in your handset settings. Go to settings > Mobile network > Network mode. If there is 4G in network options, you can choose 4G/LTE.  You can also check if your handset model supports 4G via
How can I use Ncell 4G?
You require a 4G enabled mobile phone and a USIM to be able to use Ncell 4G within coverage area. 4G has been enabled within Kathmandu valley for now.
When will I get 4G service for locations other than Kathmandu valley?
Ncell will definitely expand 4G coverage in coming days. Customers will be informed accordingly.
What signal is shown in handset while using 4G/LTE?
Normally handset shows 4G as network signal.
What is the speed ranges (minimum-maximum) under Ncell 4G network?
Upload speed can be 18 Mbps to 3 Mbps and download speed can be 37 Mbps to 10 Mbps.
I brought 4G/LTE smartphone from overseas. Does it still work on Ncell 4G/LTE network?
Due to different 4G/LTE technology adopted by different operators around the world, your 4G/LTE smartphone might be configured to run only on a specific country’s 4G/LTE network and thus, might not be compatible with Ncell’s 4G/LTE network. Please check your phone specification to ensure that your device operates on LTE 1800MHz band.
Is there any new offer or service along with 4G launch?
Yonder Music Service has been recently launched. You can dial *324# and enjoy unlimited music streaming via Yonder App on your 4G enabled SIM. Yonder App is available in App store as well as PlayStore. Other services and offers are on pipeline.
Is 4G expensive than 3G/2G?
No, tariffs are same and independent of whether 4G, 3G or 2G networks. Your bill will depend on your usage. 4G speed is faster and hence, you can browse more data within specific time.

Ncell 4G Data tariff and Data Packaged for Ncell 4G

Price (including taxes) All-time pack (can be used any time of the day) Day-time pack
(5am – 5pm)
2 times more data
Night-time pack
(11pm – 5am)
4 time more data
Rs. 10 25MB
(10 paisa/MB)
3 days
Rs. 20 60MB
3 days
Rs. 100 300MB
30 days
Rs. 150 600MB
30 days
Rs. 250 1200MB
30 days

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