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ADSL Setup: How to Configure DIGICOM ADSL Router for NTC ADSL

Configuring NTC Digicom ADSL Router:

Digicom ADSL router is one of the most popular ADSL routers among NTC ADSL Users in Nepal. They have dedicated support service as well. Here are some tips to configure your DIGICOM ADSL Router with Nepal Telecom’s ADSL service.

If you incur any problem during set up, call Toll free phone number 16600166000 from 10 AM to 6 PM, or you can comment back on this post.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and then type in the address bar.
  2. Put admin in both username & password.
  3. Setup page will open & click on Network & then click on WAN.
  4. Default Route Selection – Auto.
  5. Click on Select Current ATM VC Table.
  6. VPI-8
  7. VCI-81
  8. Encapsulation-LLC
  9. Channel Mode-PPPoE
  10. Enable NAPT
  11. Enable IGMP
  12. Type username & password (Provided by NTC).
  13. Type – Continuous
  14. Click on Modify.
  15. Again click on Select Current ATM VC Table.
  16. Click on Save in the bottom of the page (red color) if not Press on F11 & then click onSave.
  17. Now you are ready to browse the Internet.


Simply, go to Network options, on the left side you will see a vast number of choices. Go to authentication and work for the one which you want (we suggest you WPA )

Here is a video tutorial about setting ADSL Router for NTC’s ADSL and how to secure it:

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