Data rate of NTC 4G ( NT 4g Tariff)

With the subscription of NT 4G you will get 4GB data free. The free data is valid only for 4 days. After that you can enjoy 4g data on regular Data rate.

What is the tariff (Cost) of Ntc 4G?

After the completion of 4GB free data, the tariff rate  will be same as ntc 3G or 2G data packs. All the available data packages in 2G and 3G are also available with 4G. Beside that NTC also have special data package for their 4g user in cheap prices. We have list below ntc data packs.

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NTC 4G Data packs (Data Package)?

NTC 4G Data Pack 2074 (2017)

Data Volume Cost(RS) Validity Offer Period SMS Keyword
200 MB 50 7 days Jestha 3 – Shrawan 28 4G200MB
500 MB 100 14 days Jestha 3 – Shrawan 28 4G500MB
1200 MB 200 28 days Jestha 3 – Shrawan 28 4G1200MB
2000 MB 300 28 days Jestha 3 – Shrawan 28 4G2000MB
3600 MB 500 28 days Jestha 3 – Shrawan 28 4G3600MB


How to Subscribe or activate 4G Data Packs of NTC?

Through SMS

  • Type 4GdesiredVolumeMB and send to 1415.
  • For eg. to activate 200 MB, type  4G200MB and send it to 1415.

Alternatively, you can also  activate  4G Data pack of ntc through IVR. For that dial *1415*6#.

Note: These 4G data packs for Ntc will only work in 4G coverage area on NTC.  Currently NTC has provided 4G coverage only in kathmandu and pokhara valley.

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