Why Men are so attracted to women Breasts? Scientifically Explained

Why do men go crazy for breasts? Why men focus on a lady’s breast more than her face? Well, women have always been conscious regarding the men’s eyes but no one till now had the answer as to why are men so fond of breasts.  At last, the reason behind men’s love for breast has been found and the credit goes to a Larry Young who has come up with a scientific theory for the men’s love for breast.

Larry Young is a neuroscientist and he has a conducted a detailed research which says that humans have evolved in such a way that a neural circuit has formed which worked in same manner in the couples as well as between a mother and her kid. So it means that both the relations use same circuit for functioning, so as babies love breasts, men too love breasts.

When a baby is breastfeed by a mother, neurochemical oxytocin which is also known as love drug is released in the lady’s brain which makes her giving complete attention to the baby. The stimulation of nipples works on the same part of brain on which the vaginal stimulation works so it can be said that the love drug released during breastfeeding the kid, excites the lady s*xually which makes her focus on her partner during the physical intimate session. This makes it easy for any man to excite her lady.

So in simple words, men are evolved in a manner to love breasts.

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