Widely known Nepali pornstar ‘Bindu Pariyar’ won case worth 70 crore against her ex-husband

  • Bindu Pariyar, 27, sued her ex-husband, Tom Randell Sewell, in 2014
  • She claimed he put up thousands of nude photos and video of her all over the Web, saying she was a prostitute
  • A judge found in her favor and awarded her millions, but Pariyar expects she will never see the money
  • A Nepalese woman has won a $7.25million judgement against her ex-husband, who plastered the Internet with ‘porn videos’ and sexual photographs of her.

Bindu Pariyar, 27, of Dallas, Texas, has dozens of Facebook pages and thousands of web pages of her in pornographic poses, in skimpy attire, and even having sex with men, reports the Dallas News.

Pariyar claimed her ex, Tom Randell Sewell, began posting the ‘revenge porn’ after she separated from him in 2012.

Bindu Pariyar, 27, of Dallas, Texas won a $7.25million judgment against her ex-husband, whom she says plastered her likeness all over the Internet, claiming she was a prostitute and porn star.

She also says all of the images and videos were coerced, and she was forced to pose for photos or have sex with men under threats of violence, deportation, or exposure to her family back in Nepal.

Pariyar says she originally came to the States to study nursing and help support her poverty-stricken family.

A marriage proposal from a much-older man who had already married and divorced two of her relatives proved a tempting way to get to America – but one she also says was her unraveling.

She says as soon as she got to her new husband’s home in Montana, Sewell, 58, confiscated her passport and used various manipulation tactics, including not allowing her to drive and plying her with drugs, to get her to pose for sexualized photos, work at a strip club, and have sex with men for money.

When they separated in 2012, Sewell began an online campaign of continual harassment, creating dozens of fake Facebook pages with Pariyar in provocative poses with updates supposedly from her saying things like ‘Come & F**ke [sic] me!!!’ and ‘Come amd tast [sic] me!!!’

She also appears in dozens of mini-porn videos that Pariyar says she was forced into making.

Trying to get all of the images removed from Facebook and the Internet has proven to be a fruitless endeavor.

‘Doesn’t matter how many you report, ill just make another, and another, until your so famous you cant leave your apartment without muslim clothes covering your head,’ Sewell reportedly wrote to her in a Facebook message.

Pariyar says that strangers will approach her on the street, saying ‘I saw your video. How much do you charge?’

Sewell also reportedly posted comments about his ex-wife on various websites, including her nursing school, calling her a ‘stripper/hooker/porn star.’

Last year, Pariyar filed a lawsuit against her ex demanding that all pornographic images be taken down and asking for financial damages.

The $7.25million a judge awarded her is unlikely to ever be paid out, she believes.

Meanwhile, Sewell countersued her, claiming Pariyar was a ‘manipulative and conniving prostitute and stripper who used Sewell in an attempt to gain U.S. citizenship.’

Today, Pariyar’s Facebook page says she works as an administrative assistant and waitress. She also wears mostly traditional Nepalese clothing and is engaged.

‘I just want to live a normal life,’ she told the Dallas News. ‘I don’t want to be judged.’

She says she doesn’t ever expect to see the millions she’s been awarded in court, but felt it was important to fight back against Sewell, to show other victims of sexual abuse that they could fight back too.

‘I want to show that I’m brave,’ she said.

source: dailymail.co.uk


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