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Annapurna trekking circuit villages get Wi-Fi Internet

Annapurna Circuit, one of the most popular treks in Nepal lying in the Annapurna mountain range, now is getting connected to the world via Internet connectivity. The villages along the trek circuit have started getting Wi-Fi Internet connection.

The hotels along the trek have upgraded to the wireless internet service providing mostly free WiFi with an expectation to help attract more guests and facilitate connectivity and communication. Along the Annapurna region (Kaski, Myagdi and Mustang district) hotels in Birethati, Ghandruk, Ghodepani and Tatopani have installed wireless equipment for WiFi connection both to the trekkers and the guests. Tourism entrepreneurs expect free WiFi internet in the Annapurna circuit means better hospitality.

Mustang Sector of Nepal Wireless Project's Internet Coverage, img from NepalWireless.netMustang Sector of Nepal Wireless Project’s Internet Coverage, img from


However, varieties of Internet technologies are being used in this mountainous and hilly trekking circuitry to provide Internet connection.

Thanks to the Nepal Telecom’s Y-Max (WiMax based broadband service) and ADSL services relay stations that have helped the Internet connectivity in the trek circuit.

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The both the cellular 3G mobile service and long haul wireless radios (P2P) have also done excellent job in providing Internet coverage in the Nepalese Mountains. Mobile operators namely, Nepal Telecom and Ncell have been providing cellular data connectivity in the remote areas.

This availability of Internet in the Annapurna trekking circuit is likely to provide connectivity to around 70 thousand trekkers annually in the circuit.

Mahabir Pun, the pioneer of rural Internet in Nepal who is also listed in Internet Hall of Fame, has long been providing wireless internet in the remote areas of Myagdi district (also the part of Annapurna trek circuit) under Nepal Wireless Project. His project mainly involves long haul Internet transmission and helping rural part get connected.

Time has come for wide expansion of Internet coverage in the country to the remote and other trekking circuitry as well. It would be a good decision for Nepal government and Nepal Telecommunications Authority to utilize Rural Telecommunication Development Fund(RTDF) in providing Internet coverage in those uncovered parts of the country where connection means everything.


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