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WeRead is the First Nepali eBook reader for Nepali Books, with an inbuilt store. You can buy the latest Nepali releases from the store and read it with this application.

WeRead has made Nepali Literature available globally. While there are currently more than 100 books from more than 10 publishers, we are also increasing the number of books in the store. WeRead has made the books in Nepali language and other regional languages(Nepal Bhasa, Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tamang, Tharu, Kirati and others supported in the Devanagari Script) accessible from anywhere in the world.

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  • What is WeRead?

WeRead is a eBook application where you’ll be able to read books from Nepali Literature.


  • Which device does WeRead support?

WeRead is available for Android, Windows and iOS devices.


  • How do I purchase the books?

To purchase the bookson WeRead, you’ll need to have an eSewa or a PayPal account. If you are in Nepal, you can use the eSewa account. To know more on how to use eSewa read this:


If you are else where you can create and use paypal as your payment gateway. To learn more on how to create and use paypal account read this:


  • How many devices can I read the book on after I purchase the book on one of my devices?

Currently we are not supported on multiple devices, so once you buy it on a device it cannot be read or transferred to another device even if you use the same account.


  • I could not download the book after I completed the transaction. What should I do?

If you had trouble during the download, you should contact technical support immediately at [email protected] with subject “Download Issue”.


  • Why did I get download error?

Download errors occur due to slow internet speed or broken internet network. You must use a reliable and relatively fast internet service to download.


  • How do I request for books I want to read?

To request a book to be listed please contact us at [email protected] with subject “Book Request”. Apart from this you can directly approach the concerned publisher and encourage them to publish their books on the app.


  • Why are the book prices so high?

Actually the prices are set by individual publisher. WeRead offers advices for the pricing of the books. Apart from this it is the Publisher’s sole decision on pricing of the books.

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