Effects of music on the brain

  Every time we listen to music, amazing neurological processes are taking place behind the scenes. Research from around the world has revealed a wide range of positive effects that music has on the brain – from increased creativity and decision making to better comprehension and more positive feelings. And that’s not all – different […]


Watch now – Musukka Hasne Timro Baniley |Hostel returns | full song

Musukka Hasne Timro Baniley || Hostel Returns || Full Song Director :Suraj Bhushal Producer : Sunil Rawal Singer: Swapnil Sharma, Shreya Sotang Music & Lyrics : Swapnil Sharma Actors: Sushil Shrestha, Sashi Shrestha,Swastima Khadka, Abhaya Baral, Naajir Husain etc….. Choreographer: Govinda Rai Action : Asta Maharjan Cinematographer: Hari Humagain Colorist: Sudip Shrestha Editor: Surendra Poudel […]