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Download Now Nepal Passport App – Apply online Nepali Passport (MRP) Application Form

The Department of Passport (DOP) is a government agency established on 26th January 2012 (2068/10/12 B.S.) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Nepal have launched  Nepal Passport app for continence of Nepali citizen to apply for Nepal Passport (MRP). The app provides all information related to Passports of Nepal including Received/Dispatched/rejected list of Passports, Forms,Instructions to fill the forms and platform to apply the form Online.

Download Now : Nepal Passport App

How to fill online application form on Nepal Passport (MRP) ?

Alternately Nepali Citizens can also apply for online application form from computer or laptop. Here are the procedure to apply online application for Nepal Passport (MRP).


Step 1.

Open the Department of Passport Web portal


Step 2.

Click on the “Online Pre-Enrollment Button on the top of the page. This will open the Pre-Enrollment Home page


Step 3.

Read the instructions and check the acknowledgment checkbox and then click the Next button


Step 4.

Fill in and submit the captcha correctly to start the Pre-Enrollment.


Step 5.

The page opens with the personal Information Tab open. Fill in the mandatory fields for Save Draft, marked with “**”.


Step 6.

The form can now be saved as draft to finalize later or can be continued to finalize immediately. Click on Save Draft button to save it or Next button to continue.


Step 7.

Click on Next button and then fill up information on Next of Kin Tab.

The Next button in this tab will open the appointment tab.


Step 8.

Select the Application source, Country and Mission as applicable according to the place where the application will be submitted and enrollment will take place.


Step 9.

Select the date for the enrollment (which is optional)


Step 10

.Click Next to move to the Preview tab to check the correctness of the filled information


Step 11.

If everything is ok, click onthe Submit button. A Success pop-up will notify the submission.


Step 12.

Click on the OK button.


Steps 13.

Information on the screen are needed to login, update and proceed the application.



Click on the Download Application button and print the Downloaded application.


Step 15.

Go for Enrollment at the designated office on the appointed date with all necessary documents along with the printed bar-coded application form.

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