What happens if Nepal is Hit by Nuclear bomb? (watch Video)

The entire world is worried about nuclear war. Nuclear threat is getting high with increasing tensions in Korean Peninsula. North Korea is testing new missile almost every month despite of American warning and America doesn’t seem to be happy with this. This may lead to third world war. And this time it will be Nuclear World war 3.

Have you ever thought what happens if Nepal is hit by Nuclear Bomb.

The video shows the phenomena that occur when a Nuclear Bomb goes off. Nepal does not have any nuclear weapons but it is surrounded by two giant countries Nuclear capable countries India and China. Both countries don’t hove smooth relation between them. If any nuclear bomb is dropped intentionally or unintentionally to Nepal, the result will be terrific. So, it is obvious that all Nepali must be aware enough. This video explains the possibilities when a nuclear bomb explodes in Nepal.

Watch Video

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