NTC anounced corporate CUG service for GSM Postaid users

Talk as less as 40 paisa per minute from NTC postpaid mobile

NT has announced CUG service for GSM postpaid customers of corporate groups. The service was already available for corporate houses from some years with some special tariff for higher no of subscription. Now they have classified the tariff according to the no of users that they want to put in the Closed user Group (CUG). The small size of 50- 100 person from a corporate office will have call tariff of 50 Paisa per minute, the medium one of 101-200 person will have call tariff of 45 paisa per minute whereas the call tariff for the large one with subscription from 201-500 will be 40 pasia per minute. The service will be made available from Mangsir 10, 20172 (Nov 26, Thursday). The call rate is exclusive of regular taxes. The regular call tariff for post paid users is Rs 1 per minute. The monthly rental for each of the subscriber will be Rs 300 which is the regular rental charge.

How to get CUG for your employees?

If you are a small to medium to large offices, you can give additional service to your employees through CUG with discounted call tariff ( mentioned above) according to the no of users you put in closed user group. The corporate office has to submit the list of the employees that they want to put in CUG along with the additional papers to either Mobile Service Directorate office situated at Sajha for Kathmandu, OR Regional Directorate for your respective region (outside Kathmandu). The subscription will be made free of cost.

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