Get Bonus Balance in NTC with each recharge

Nepal Telecom, the government owned telcoom is known to provide bonus amount in paper recharge, electronic recharge and MPOS (pinless). For recharge/electronic recharge of Rs 200, subscribers can get 5 percent bonus whereas the bonus will be 10 percent for Rs 500 and 15 percent for Rs 1000. Similarly for pinless recharge of amount greater than Rs 100, you can get 10 percent bonus amount. Citing the huge complains from the customer regarding the recharge problem, NT has brought this bonus for a limited period and they want customer to prefer electronic recharge/ MPOS. As the current recharge problem is due to the unavailability of Rs 100 demon recharge cards (shortage due to blockade) and customers preference for Rs 50 recharge in a already loaded recharge system (VoMS), NT believes that this bonus offer will decrease the load in their system and hence the recharge problem will be sort out. This offer will be valid for four days starting from Dec 12, 2015 Sunday (Mangsir 27). By that time. it seems there will be availability of Rs 100 recharge cards or the up-gradation of the loaded system will be done.

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