Download Now- Loot 2 Game – Haku Kale Run

Today with release of Loot 2 trailer, a mobile game Named Haku run has been also released. The game is for the promotion of Loot 2 Movie. Loot 2 is most awaited movie for the year 2073.

Download Haku Kale Game:

Click here to download : Haku Run Mobile game 

Haku and Gofle are in war.

Each have to save themselves from another.

They are in for one hell of an adventure through different parts of Nepal exploring various obstacles and super powers.

A Lakhe that throws flames from its mouth

Coke man and Change man that helps them fly high and collect goodies.

Collect Coins and meet the achievement milestones to unlock different backgrounds and powers.

Get a mystery treasure box for every thousand coins and get loads of gift hampers for free.

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