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Nepal Traffic have now launched brand new mobile app for general public. “Traffic Police, Nepal” App or Traffic App will serve as a tool that basically enables members of the public to readily gain access to important information on status of traffic in the Kathmandu valley while also allowing them to input critical traffic related information to assist the Traffic Police in their quest to regulate traffic in a better, safer and systematic manner. It is hoped that the interactions and exchange of information between road users and traffic police, through the app, will play a constructive role in helping improve the condition of traffic as well as the driving experience on the road.

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The users can receive information on traffic status within Kathmandu valley and remain informed about current status of traffic pressure at various intersections. Traffic App also facilitates the users to create customized routes to directly check the traffic congestion along their personalized routes, for example office, home,etc.

Traffic App also aims to raise traffic awareness among public and provide news and information on traffic related incidents, diversions and also about traffic rules.Users can get instant notifications on incidents that directly affect the traffic; read news about traffic; report incidents about accidents, lost and found vehicles; as well as lodge complaints or appreciate the hard work of Traffic Police Officers. Other functionalities include locating nearest traffic stations; bank locations to pay fine amounts; fine details; traffic reports. Traffic FM can be streamed online and users can directly make a call Traffic Police Control Room from within the app. Facility to quickly browse emergency contact numbers and download guidebook for license test are also available in the app.

Conceptualized by Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), the Traffic App has been intuitively designed and developed by Capital Eye Pvt. Ltd, an IT company specialized in mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms, website development, software development and digital media communication. Inspector Sitaram Hachhethu has made a special contribution from inception to development of the app. Prismark Marketing- An Advertising and Marketing Communication Agency also supported the project.

We strive to make Traffic App useful to the general public and will add new features according to the needs of people in the future. Send us your feedback so that we can improve the app and work towards cooperative collaboration for better traffic system in Nepal.

We hope you will enjoy using “TRAFFIC POLICE, NEPAL”– a mobile application designed for you.

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